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Hi, I’m Aaron Emery

Property Management Coach

I Help You To Prospect, Convert And Manage A Highly Successful Rental Roll.

Self-Paced Training

A regular group training and other courses released for self paced.

One On One Consulting

Programs that allow me to integrate and assist within your business.

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What my previous clients say

Jo-Anne Oliveri

Founder & Executive Director at 

Ireviloution – property management business solutions


Aaron is the real deal. He gets to the heart of your business and your vision and truly knows what to do to transform your property management business to be scalable sustainable and successful.


Jacky Rose

Now Rentals Pty Ltd

We first engaged the services of PULSE PM Consulting to perform a prognosis health check on our property management department back in June 2018. Some of the results in this health check really surprised us and opened our eyes to what can sometimes be easily overlooked in the day to day operations.
Aaron has worked in the business for the last 7 months helping us implement state of the art systems, improving our policies, processes, putting the team through world class training and ensuring our property management operations allows us to achieve sustainability, saleability and scalability.
The benefits to the business have been phenomenal and we would highly recommend Aaron to any principal licensee looking to take back control of their business. Thank you Aaron, we really appreciate everything you’ve done for us.

About Me

Aaron Emery, Founder & Managing Director of PULSE Property Management Consulting and Principal Licensee of AAE Property Services. PULSE PM Consulting is an independent consultancy firm offering specialised property management business consulting, mentoring & coaching, utilizing the world’s first architecturally designed & reverse engineered property management platform, ii processes, resources and training. In March 2018 I was awarded the Australian Master iiCC designation by ireviloution after being specially trained as a property management business analyst, strategist and system engineering specialist.

In my last role as an “employee” I was general manager for a large management rights company, overseeing six residential apartment buildings and twelve property & building management operational staff. In 2016, after working exclusively in property management for just over 9yrs I decided to follow my dreams and opened AAE Property Services, offering professional, unrivalled boutique property management services to a capped number of exclusive Brisbane investors who had a certain style of property, within a very defined core market area.

Growth was tough initially, I openly admit there are some things I’d do differently if I had my time over, but it’s been a great learning experience and I’m still here. I lived through it, or the business did, and tougher times are now behind me with some nice steady growth over the last six months. I’ve made sure I built my business by design, rather than by default like so many property management businesses across Australia, which has had a lot of positive outcomes for me as I focused on the critical numbers for maximum profits. I can very proudly say my average management fee is 8.62%, well above the industry average of 7.0% in my service area. Because of this, and other factors like the “minimum rent per week policy”, my monthly income is similar to that of someone with double the number of properties.